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Salon Rules & Booking Policies

Thank you so much for considering and choosing Cashmere Faces Glam Bar and Salon for your Luxury Beauty Services. We are honored to that you've trusted us and blessed us with your presence. 

So that we can create a welcoming and warm experience for everyone we do have a few rules that required for each and every consumer to follow with no exceptions. 

Salon Rules

-Mask are still Required!! We are in such close contact with many people throughout the day. Please help us to protect not just you and your family but ours as well. Please bring your own mask!! 

-No Entourage (No kids, No men, no friends, no family, no parents) unless service is being rendered too. This gives a peaceful work environment for your stylist and allows each guest to be serviced in peace. Our waiting area is very small and is limited to just our guest being served.

-No guest allowed at stylist seat until your stylist welcomes you back- We ask that you wait in the waiting area. Not at the dryer station nor the stylist chair. We break down, sanitize and clean after each and every client. Please be patient and respectfully wait up front.

-No Food; No Drinks - Water is always welcome. Food and drinks causes critters, ants and spills. We want to continue to keep this place beautiful. 

-No Cell phones while being serviced. You are welcome to step outside to take your call. Please dont distract other guest with loud conversations. 

-All Electronics require Headphones - To avoid disturbing other clients wanting to relax during their service, please bring headphones so that no one hears your device.


-Please leave WORK at home - So many devices and movement puts your stylist and yourself at risk from being burned, products dropping, etc. we want to focus on an incredible outcome and cant do so if the clients head continues to drop or moving the wrong direction. 




-PREPAYMENT REQUIRED- To protect our hairstylist's very limited appointments and to avoid cancelation, all appointments require Non refundable prepayments. Please confirm the date you're wanting and the service prior to booking. No payment -  No Appointment. 

-Hair Services - please come with hair completely taken down, free, combed out and detangled to avoid a $50+ per hour detangling fee. If there is heavy build up we advise prewashing or adding on the exfoliating scalp scrub. If you're interested in detangling or detox treatments please advise in advance.


-Makeup services: please come with a clean freshly washed face. There is no time to wash your face you arrive. We keep a very tight schedule. A good skin routine will determine how well your makeup lays.


-Late Fee

Please respect each stylists time. $50 Late Fee is charged *after the First 15 mins of client being late.

Clients over 30 minutes late will be charged 50% ADDITIONAL of their prepaid appointment to reschedule. All payments and retainer fees are non refundable. 

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