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Mink Lash Extensions

What Are Mink Lash Extensions?

The use of Faux Mink Fiber added to each of the client's individual Natural Lash for a fuller, lush, lash appearance. 

How does the Mink Lash Extension Process work?

CashmereFaces allows clients to lay comfortably on a plush lash bed. With their eyes shut, we applies Faux Mink lashes strand by strand, carefully bonding them about a millimeter away from the eyelid to avoid any contact with the skin or eye. The look stays intact for about 4-6 weeks.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the thickness of the clients Natural lash we advise clients to allow 2-4 hours for this process.


How long do Mink Lashes last?

Your Mink Lash Extensions will last 4-6 weeks depending on the client. As your Natural Lash sheds, your Mink lashes will shed as well. We do advise our clients to schedule a lash fill in after 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking beautiful and full.

How much are Mink Lash Extensions? 

Mink Lash Extensions are priced anywhere between $100-$300. CashmereFaces introductory price is $100 and $50 for the fill in.

After care...

-Do not wash or wet your Mink Lash Extensions for the first 48 hours.

-Using a clean mascara wand, brush through your lashes each day.

-Clean your Mink Lash Extensions with a gentle shampoo each day.

 Preferably Baby Shampoo because its gentle on the eyes and helps wash away dirty and oil.

-Do not use Mascara

-Do not use oil based makeup or makeup wipes

-Use oil free face wash and moisturizer

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